Bisdak Pride, Inc. endorsed the 10th NYC Trans Day of Action

Bisdak Pride, Inc. endorsed the 10th NYC Trans Day of Action


About Bisdak Pride, Inc.

SUPPORT BISDAK PRIDE, INC. D O N A T E NOW! AND HELP US ENSURE SUSTAIN OUR HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY FOR PERSONS WITH DIFFERENT SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY! Branch: PS Bank - Cebu Jones Account Name: Bisdak Pride Inc Account Number: 109 - 11200206 - 5 SEC Reg. No. CN201127940 BIR TIN No. 421-571-885-000 Business Tax No. (Cebu City) 119218 Gender Equality Advocates. We are a human rights organization dedicated to advance, uphold and protect the rights and responsibilities of persons with different sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). Anyone, regardless of his or her sex and gender is welcome as long as he or she is an advocate for gender equality. P H I L O S O P H Y Fully aware of our current condition -- widespread stigma and discrimination, we reaffirm and assert that: The advancement and protection of the rights and responsibilities of persons with different sexual orientation and gender identity is part and parcel of our development as a people. The absence of such rights, which is a basic human right, is a hindrance to fully recognize all people as equal. The government has the responsibility to ensure the full participation of persons with different sexual orientation and gender identity in all aspects of nation-building. And our community has the responsibility to ensure that such rights are recognized and fully appreciated and respected. Empowering LGBT communities primarily, and non-LGBTs, secondarily, play a vital role in advancing and attaining a truly just and democratic society that is forever grateful of our existence. G O A L S 1. Assist LGBT organizations in the communities in their efforts to unite and collectively advance their problems and concerns so that their problems are addressed and their participation in community affairs improved. 2. Establish LGBT groups in communities where there is none. 3. Unite with non-LGBT sectors in their struggles and concerns and actively participate in the people’s movement for change. 4. To become a credible resource center in the Bisaya speaking communities on matters related to LGBT concerns. V I S I O N We look forward for a society that is just, humane and democratic. Thus, we cry for EQUALITY and RESPECT. M I S S I O N We are committed to ensure the understanding and all-round promotion of the rights and responsibilities of the LGBT community. H I S T O R Y A N D P R O F I L E Established since 2005, Bisdak Pride, Inc. (BPI) is a product of the First Visayas-Mindanao LGBTQ Leadership Conference entitled, “In The Pink of Health” funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy held in Davao City on September 25-27, 2005. Contrary to some misguided notion, Bisdak Pride, Inc. is not exclusive to LGBT communities. The interests of non-LGBTs on issues directly related to their relationship with their LGBT brother/s, sister/s and friends are accommodated in this organization. We consider them as honorary members and advocates of LGBT rights. Bisdak Pride, Inc. is committed to provide all-round educational discussions and other support to LGBT groups and non-LGBTs in order for the former to fully appreciate life’s beauty and the latter to comprehend with much gusto of our existence. For the past several years, Bisdak Pride, Inc. also help in the organizing efforts of several groups and despite very limited resources we facilitated in providing discussions and workshops on the following topics: P R O G R A M S 1. Queer Politics. ADVANCING POLITICAL PARTICIPATION THROUGH A RIGHTS-BASED APPROACH. Rights and Responsibilities of LGBTs are discussed and helping them in their organizing efforts linked to their sexuality are given due importance in order for them to deal and view their political life and participation effective in community affairs. 2. Queer Health. PROMOTING HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. Issues and concerns on matters related to health in particular the prevention of STI/STDs and HIV and AIDS are prioritized. Common health problems that LGBTs faced and how to cope with these diseases and illnesses are provided through educational discussions as a preventive measure, primarily. Referral to friendly clinics and medical practitioners are also practiced especially to those who are incapable of medical support. 3. Queer Theology. UNDERSTANDING RELIGION AND SEXUALITY. It is an effective instrument in countering the attack of the “moralists”. Provided primary to focus group discussions, forums, discernments and Bible in context activities to LGBTs. 4. Queer Culture. PROMOTION OF CULTURE AND ARTS. Aimed at popularizing the culture and the arts to the general public wherein the LGBT community is known to excel. BISDAK PRIDE INC. C/O GOOD SHEPHERD WELCOME HOUSE #29 MABINI ST.,CEBU CITY 6000 PHILIPPINES TELEFAX +63 (032) 254 5598 FUNCTIONS OF THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE and MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE BOARD OF TRUSTEE (BOT) Functions A Board of Trustees (BOT) formulates policies and provides guidance in the overall administration and management of the Bisdak Pride, Inc (BPI). The BOT also facilitates linkages and collaborative arrangements with various organizations within and outside the Philippines. It reviews BPI operations and confirms executive decisions when necessary. The BOT will be appointed or elected by the members of the Management Committee (ManCom) of the organization. The BOT of the organization will approve the general direction, plans and programs, revisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of BPI. The Board of Trustee will meet once, or twice, as the case may be a year and will discuss and approve the policy directions, organizational updates and mobilization of resources. Members of the Board of Trustee Richard Fruelan, MHSS, Ed.D. CHAIR Assistang Dean, Southwestern University Graduate School of Health, Management and Pedagogy FB: Rich Fuentes Ruelan Karl James Villarmea, MA (Ph.D. Candidate – Theology and Ethics , Chicago Theological Seminary ) VICE-CHAIR Assistant Professor, Siliman University, Dumaguete City FB: Max Surban Reagan Maiquiz, MA, (Ph.D. Candidate – Theatre and Performance Studies, Monash University, Australia) VICE-CHAIR Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines Los Banos FB: Reagan Maiquiz Dan Arrojado SECRETARY Candidate - MA Social Psychology, University of San Carlos Ronilo Sab-a ASSISTANT SECRETARY Barangay Secretary, Barangay Luz Adviser, SEMGAB – Self Motivated Gays of Barangay Luz Alvin Truya Treasurer Candidate, Master in Education, Cebu Technological University and Senior Law Student, University of Southern Philippines Foundation Awardee, Best in Radio Broadcaster, Catholic Mass Media Awards Clark Dale Morpos ASSISTANT TREASURER SK Chair, Barangay Paknaan, Mandaue City SK Cebu Provincial Spokesperson Sherryl Robles, Ll.B. Entrepreneur Members of the Board of Trustee Jose Eleazar Bersales Professor, University of San Carlos Member, National Commission on Culture and the Arts Sub-Committee on Museums Member, Cebu Archdiocesan Commission on Heritage and Culture Edgar Gahisan Clinical Instructor, College of Nursing, University of Southern Philippines Foundation Coordinator, ACT Partylist Member, Alliance of Health Workers Junie Ibanez Community Organizer Maria Antonella D. Codeniera Psychologist, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center – Psychiatry Department Member, Alliance of Health Workers MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (MANCOM) Functions Members of the Management Committee (ManCom) will oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization. In case of staff vacancy, the ManCom will submit replacements to the BOT for approval. Operational and Project Management Mobilize financial resources, materials and advocates to create localized programs. Hold large scale fund raising events, apply to government and organizations for grants and contracts in order to raise money for projects. Plan projects, create budgets, keep accounts, reports and communicate with the BOT. Campaigning and Public Relations Campaign on issues that directly or indirectly affects the community and achieve large-scale change promoted directly or indirectly through influence of the political system. Will keep the supporters informed and motivated and will maintain a large informed network of affiliate and partner organizations and individual advocates who can be mobilized for events to garner media attention and influence policy changes. Members of the Management Committee Roxanne Omega–Doron Executive Director +63 921 786 2022 +63 923 872 0288 e-mail: twitter: @dakyur blog: Simeon Arbas-Remata III Deputy Executive Director +63 916 675 5057 e-mail: twitter: @thirdremata Lucky Lastimosa-Maglalang, R.N. Administrative Officer and Secretary +63 942 563 8389 e-mail: Ronnie Pilapil- Sanchez Comptroller +63 942 553 0862 e-mail: Cresologo Bradley-Mondejar Resource Center Coordinator +63 927 404 0380 e-mail: Jhonrelle Antivo-Berong, R.N. Project Coordinator +63 922 544 6980 e-mail:
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